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Increased sense of control comes when you can respond to life creatively & with more focus instead of letting circumstances lead your life.

Personal Life Coaching

Rethink what is possible in your life. Life coaching aligns you to live congruently with what is most important to you—your top core values. The result is a sense of peace and happiness that comes from within. Life coaching allows you to go out into the world and fearlessly share your gifts. The goal of my Life Mastery program is to cause rapid transformation, changing you into a fulfilled and happy person.

Couples Life Coaching

Deep intimacy comes from effective communication. Reignite the spark and passion in your relationship! Couples life coaching will help you learn how to understand what your partner is really saying and will deepen your relationship. Discover your partner’s “love rules” and your relationship will become an example of what most people wish for and dream of. Grow as a couple and find true fulfillment.

What is NLP?

Since the subconscious mind is so much more powerful than the conscious mind, it strategically makes sense to affect change at the subconscious level. NLP hypnotism is the most effective means of affecting change known. It creates a deep sense of peace and fulfillment in the conscious and subconscious leading to fast, easy and permanent transformations that will change your life.

 Why Use a Life Coach:

“I LOVE what I do, and I’d love to help you.  Here is a video I made that talks about my practice and why I feel my service is different than any others you may have seen.   If you watch this video, and you’d like to schedule a complimentary session, please contact me today!”


Life Coaching Testimonials:

“I have worked with many professional’s in Dennis’ field including highly recommended Phd’s. Not one of them delivered results like Dennis. Dennis enabled me to produce real time immediate and lasting results. I learned more in one session with Dennis then I did in a year of working with any other professional. He had more insight and actionable recommendations that produced results then any other consultant, coach, counselor, etc, then I have ever engaged.”

Matt, West Chester

Life Coaching vs. Psychotherapy


Life coaching lasts only eight sessions
Life coaching creates solutions
Life coaching causes rapid transformation
Life coaching moves you into fulfillment
Life coaching does not label you
Life coaching empowers you to become a force for good


Therapy can take months or even years
In therapy, you talk about your problems
Therapy can feel laborious
Therapy attempts to get you out of pain
Therapy gives you a “diagnosis”
Therapy addresses symptoms

An Overview of Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Life Coaching

Many people may have heard of NLP techniques before, but they may not know exactly how it works or what it is able to allow people to achieve. NLP life coaching is a way of literally changing your life, using your ability to change the way that you think in order to change the outcome of things to come. There is nothing that you can do with the past. However, unless you know how to start, and how to implement these strategies, it’s going to prevent you from changing your life. Let’s take a look at what NLP life coaching is, and how it can make a significant difference in your life.

NLP Basics

This is actually a psychological process, one where people can actually make almost instant changes in their life. It has to do with personal development and communication, using a type of psychology created by Richard Bandler. Although it was first developed in the seventies, it is still a prominent strategy that is used today. It was derived from many forms of literature, including the writings of Noam Chomsky and also the teachings of Carlos Castaneda. They considered it to be a form of therapeutic magic that could literally change things overnight for people that had suffered from lifelong patterns of difficulty such as fear and self-doubt. There are three main components of this set of core concepts, which, when mastered, will allow people to transform their lives sometimes within minutes. At our Chester County life coaching center, we have helped our clients change their lives with our NLP techniques.

Subjectivity Consciousness And Learning

The decisions that we make every day, and our ability to focus on moving forward in a positive way, has a lot to do with the way we perceive the world. We all go through life by perceiving the world we are in through a form of subjective consciousness based upon our five senses. This leads to learned behaviors or what many people refer to as routines. Consciousness, therefore, is our perception of the world around us, which is also influenced by our unconscious mind. By using what is called learning, or modeling, we can codify and reproduce the things that we want to see in our lives by changing our perceptions, and this can only happen by practicing certain techniques and applications. With our NLP life coaching at our Hypnosis center in Chester County, we are able to make significant differences in the lives of our clients.

Techniques and Applications of NLP Life Coaching

The basis of NLP begins with influencing brain behavior using language that can recode the way each person responds to outside stimuli. Although hypnosis is used, along with self hypnosis, it can be accomplished by understanding how to develop self-awareness, and reprogram the way that we process the world both mentally and emotionally. Once you have structured a set of guiding principles to show how you would like your life to be, identifying what it is that you want, and how you will get there, you can begin to change your life. By understanding that the unconscious mind is neutral, only trying to help you get what you want based upon what you are constantly thinking about in the conscious mind, you will see that changing the way that you process the world around you, and your idea of self, can literally begin to help you make choices that will lead to significant positive changes.

By getting control of the way that you perceive reality, and directing your conscious mind to respond to outside stimuli in a different way, NLP life coaching can need you to the life that you have always wanted. NLP will lead to helping you change the way you process the world, helping you to reprogram the way that you make choices, inevitably leading to the life that you envision. Contact us today to achieve the life you deserve at our Hypnosis center in Chester County.

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