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Whether your relationship and intimacy is at a low level of satisfaction or can just use a little improvement, you will be amazed at how couples intimacy coaching can take your relationship to new heights.

We invite you to learn more about our couples coaching and intimacy coaching. We will take the time you need to make sure that you understand all the benefits of couple’s intimacy coaching and feel full assurance that this has the answers that you’ve been looking for. One thing is certain: unless you make the move today and reach out to us, nothing will change.

Change your life and relationship today with couple’s intimacy coaching!

Many people suffer from a feeling of unworthiness at the level of the subconscious identity. The strongest force in our lives is our need to remain consistent with this identity. So someone who feels unworthy of love will eventually find a way to lose love, damaging or destroying a union/marriage. One of the most powerful elements of change with NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is the ability to change the subconscious identity from one of “unworthy” to one of “I have always been and always will be worthy of love”. Once this change in enacted, the individual becomes a force for good in family and society. This change also deeply enriches their relationships.


a young lesbian couple holding coffee and talking
a young straight couple holding hands on a couch while talking to a therapist

There are six emotional needs we must meet to be fulfilled and happy in life. Every individual has a unique hierarchy within these needs. Women and men very often have different hierarchies. We try to please our partner the way we would want him or her to do for us. That strategy is often ineffective. By identifying each partner’s emotional needs hierarchy, couples are empowered to meet each other’s needs at the subconscious level. When we meet all of our partner’s needs, we can be sure that they will not have to have them met outside of the union/marriage.

Emotional Needs

Why Couples Intimacy Coaching?

The foundation for great intimacy is effective communication. However, words account for only 7% of our ability to communicate—93% is non-verbal. Understanding both the verbal, and especially the nonverbal, ways we communicate adds depth to any relationship. These are ever-growing skills that must be taught and nurtured. The result of this intimacy coaching is that we feel a deeper rapport and sense of connection.

a straight couple holding hands on a couch talking to a therapist

Couples intimacy coaching also explores masculine and feminine energy. Often, we get out of our natural energy due to circumstances in our lives and do not return. So if a man who is masculine at his core is spending his time in feminine energy while interacting with his spouse, he will appear weak to her. If a woman spends too much time in masculine energy after she gets home from work, her husband probably will not want to be around her. Or they may hang out together like buddies. They may do things together but won’t connect on a deep level. Returning to your appropriate polarity allows you to relax and puts you in a good emotional state. Normalizing polarity simultaneously normalizes a couple’s sex life. A good bonus in my opinion.


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