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How does it work?

According to neuro-linguistic programming thought, people use internal maps to understand the world and to interact with it. These maps are formed through sensory experiences throughout life. NLP techniques are used to identify and change unconscious limitations or biases that are contained in a person’s internal map.

NLP works through using language in a conscious way to initiate changes in a person’s behavior and thoughts. One of the central tenets of NLP is that people are biased towards a particular sensory system. This is called the preferred representational system.

Life coaches who use NLP techniques are able to identify this preference through the language choices of their clients. For example, someone who says something such as “I hear what you are saying” may have an auditory PRS. Practitioners of NLP identify the PRS of individual people and establish a therapeutic approach around it. The approach might include goal-setting, information-gathering, and rapport-building.


Neuro-linguistic programming is a therapeutic approach used by renowned life coach, Dennis Carroll, that helps people change their behaviors and thinking patterns so that they can achieve their desired goals.

What is NLP?

Since its creation in the 1970s, NLP has become popular because of its effectiveness. NLP techniques are used for many different things, including anxiety disorders, phobias, personal happiness, and performance improvements. Premier NLP Life Coaching helps people to achieve their desired outcomes through the use of NLP techniques.

NLP is a system of communication, perceptual, and behavioral techniques that enable people to change their actions and thoughts. It relies on language processing and was developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Grinder and Bandler believed that it was possible to pinpoint the behaviors and thought patterns of people who are successful and then to teach them to other people.

Grinder and Bandler wrote two books called The Structure of Magic I and II. These books helped to popularize NLP. NLP is recognized for its versatility in being able to address the myriad issues faced by people.

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  • A technique in which the life coach matches the physical behaviors of a person to help them to improve their communication and responses

  • A technique in which a life coach helps to turn sensory experiences into events that trigger specific emotional states

  • A technique in which a life coach helps to remove negative feelings and thoughts from a past life event

  • A technique in which a life coach helps to remove negative feelings and thoughts from a past life event

NLP Techniques

NLP includes a number of different techniques, including the following:

Some research studies have identified benefits that are associated with neuro-linguistic programming. For instance, one study that was published in the Counseling and Psychotherapy Research journal found that patients experienced improvements in the quality of life and a reduction of psychological symptoms after undergoing NLP. A research review that was published in 2015 found that NLP techniques positively impact people who have psychological or social problems.

Does it work?

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NLP helps people with their personal development. It helps to promote certain prosocial skills, including communication, confidence, and introspection. Some practitioners of NLP have been able to help people to meet their career goals by helping to improve their job performance and productivity. It has also been used to help people who are suffering from different psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

NLP Examples

Neuro-linguistic programming has been a popular therapeutic approach that has been used for decades. A part of its popularity is that practitioners and life coaches are able to use it to help people with a broad variety of different issues and goals. NLP has been especially popular for different industries. It can help people to reframe their thinking and behaviors so that they can achieve their career goals and enhance their work performance.

Whatever types of life improvements and goals that you might want to achieve, neuro-linguistic programming may be a tool that can help you to achieve them. The versatility of NLP makes it especially effective and useful. Dennis Carroll at Premier Life Coaching has the experience and skills to help you to change your thinking and behavior patterns so that you will be able to accomplish the outcomes that you desire. To learn more, contact Premier NLP Life Coaching today to schedule a consultation.


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