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Dealing with a Phobia

A phobia is a fear that is intense and irrational for the situation. If you suffer from a phobia, it can be debilitating. Fortunately, it is possible for you to overcome your phobia by using neuro-linguistic programming techniques. With the help of a life coach from Premier Life Coaching, you can conquer your phobia and live your life more freely.

Trying to treat phobias through traditional psychotherapy can take years. Fortunately, it is possible to extinguish your fear much faster by using an NLP technique that can help to conquer it. Here is how you can cure a phobia with NLP techniques.

Access your phobia in an environment that is safe

When you are working with your life coach, he or she might ask you to create a movie in your mind. You will be allowed to use all of your creativity when you create it, and the movie will be all about your phobia. You might imagine walking into the theater and sitting down in a seat on the front row. You can then imagine yourself relaxing into the seat. The seat that you imagine should be wonderfully plush and luxurious. Imagine the best movie theater seat that you possibly can.

After you have fully settled into the seat and have noticed how it feels, your life coach might then instruct you to imagine that you float out of your body and go to yet another comfortable seat in the gallery of your imaginary theater. From your new location, you can now see both yourself sitting in the front row and the movie screen in front of you.

You might then play your movie in full color. The movie will be all about your phobia. On the very last scene of the movie, freeze it in your mind and change it from full color to a dull grayish color. You might then be asked to play the movie of your phobia again and think about feeling happy at the same time.

Think about some music that inspires good feelings in you. Then, float into the dull slide to re-associate with the movie’s end.

When you feel ready to do so, your life coach might ask you to play the movie backward at double speed or faster. At the same time, you might listen to the music that inspires positive feelings in you. When you reach the start of the movie, freeze that frame and turn it the dull gray color. Repeat this over and over while speeding it up each time. This can help you to disassociate from your phobia.

Your next step will be to float away and to rejoin yourself in the seat in the front row. Pay attention to how comfortable the seat is, and watch as the screen turns white.

Your life coach might then ask you if you are ready to watch your film about your phobia in full color from beginning to end while you pay attention to how comfortable the seat that you are sitting in is. If you still experience discomfort, you might be asked to repeat the earlier steps.

Learn more about conquering your phobia

If you have a phobia, it can hold you back from truly enjoying your life. You do not have to live with your phobia. Instead, you can use NLP techniques to extinguish it. Learning how to transform the way in which you think about the fear-inducing subject of your phobia can help you to reframe it into something that is positive rather than something to fear. At Premier NLP Life Coaching, we can help you to tackle your phobia head-on so it stops holding you back. To learn more, fill out our online contact form.

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