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How to Beat Stress

Stress can be a daily occurrence. Many people tend to move from one task to the next and are constantly busy. When people are asked how they are doing, they rarely acknowledge how they truly feel. Instead, they focus more on what they are doing.

People are so busy that they forget to enjoy the present moment or to appreciate life. At Premier Life Coaching, we can help you to handle your stress and to embrace life fully.

What is stress?

Stress can be debilitating and can stop people in their tracks, but–believe it or not–it is possible to beat stress. Many doctors now believe that most illnesses and diseases may result from prolonged stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress may not directly cause death. However, it can cause problems with your circulatory system and organs, and it is linked to cancer and many other medical conditions.

How can you be less stressed?

Stress exists completely in people’s minds. The people around us do not make our lives more stressful. When you become stressed, you have granted permission for the feeling to occur. Once you recognize that your own reaction to different situations creates the stress that you feel, you can learn how you can overcome it.

You can make a conscious choice to not allow yourself to become stressed. There are a number of techniques that you can use to accomplish this, including the following:

  1. Breathing techniques

  2. Mindfulness techniques

  3. Visualization

  4. Yoga

  5. Logical thinking

  6. Stress management

There are also some other techniques that can help you to manage your stress.

Slow down

You have the ability to consciously try to slow yourself down. Only let yourself think one thing at a time. You have control over your mind. Notice stress building, and take action to retreat to an inner place that is quieter. You can accomplish this through visualization.

Think about a time when you felt at peace and were still. For example, you might recall lying in the grass and staring at the stars or taking a leisurely stroll through the countryside. After you have recalled this memory, turn it into a place of retreat. Repeat that you feel relaxed in your mind. While doing so, allow the muscle tension that you feel leave. When you release the tension in your muscles, it helps to also relax your mind.

Embrace mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can increase your awareness of the present moment. Mindfulness is about becoming more aware of the sounds, images, and feelings that you experience in the present rather than on ignoring what is happening.

Feel how your clothing feels on your skin and think about your breathing. Think about what emotions you feel and what it is that you are telling yourself. Do not judge yourself. Your goal should simply be to observe. It is a good idea to perform this exercise every day.

Positive thinking

Much of the stress that people experience come from negative thoughts. Up to 70% of the thoughts that pass through our minds each day are negative. When you have a negative thought, avoid trying to analyze it. Simply accept it as a thought that might come and go. Build up some positive thoughts that you can substitute such as thoughts about happy times that you have had, thoughts about your loved ones, and thoughts about your goals.

Your support system

Having a good support system of people with whom you can talk about your feelings is important. All human beings need to have intimacy with others. Focus on the key relationships that you have that are positive and that you want to invest in. Consciously work to connect in a meaningful way.


A well-known idiom is that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter truly can help to reduce stress. It makes you feel better while also being fun. Seek out humor and ways that you can use it in your life.

Simplify your life and organize your day

Having a busy lifestyle is a major stressor for many people. You might be trying to squeeze too many tasks into your day, and you might also be disorganized. Disorganization can compound the stress that you experience. If this describes your life, think about cutting back on some of your activities and organize the ones that remain.

Time management

Every week, take some time to sit and write down your plan. At the end of each day, review what you have planned for the next one. Make certain to include some fun things and some time for yourself in your plan.


Visualization can be done alone or together with music. The purpose of visualization is to allow you to focus on a relaxing scene.

Get help from Premier NLP Life Coaching

Neuro-linguistic programming can help you to decrease the stress that you experience so that you can enjoy your life. At Premier NLP Life Coaching, we use NLP techniques to help our clients to reach their goals. Fill out our online contact form today to schedule a consultation.

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