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The Secret Of Finding Emotional Balance In Life

At Premier Life Coaching, we recognize that all people possess innate archetypes or energies that can provide them with answers for how to find emotional balance in their lives. The archetypes that influence you can be harnessed in a way to be positive and powerful forces and the destructive qualities that you possess can be identified so that you can gain a better understanding of yourself. Through neuro-linguistic programming, you can understand the archetypes that shape the way in which you think and react so that you can achieve balance in your life.

What is the secret of finding emotional balance in life?

It is possible to find emotional balance in your life by gaining a deep understanding of your archetypes and the effect that they have on you and on the people who are close to you. Archetypes may affect you in predictable ways. Understanding the archetypes that influence you can allow you to overcome your individual weaknesses so that you can gain balance in your life.

3 Main NLP Archetypes

Neuro-linguistic programming recognizes three primary archetypes, including the following:

  1. Strength, power, and expression

  2. Softness, connection, and compassion

  3. Playfulness, perspective, and options

The individual archetype category that influences you the most can greatly impact the manner in which you perceive the world and in which you interact with others.

3 Destructive Qualities

Every person tends to embody one or two of the archetypes but may also find them to be challenging at times. When you undergo stress, you may experience a destructive manifestation of the archetypes that shape your personality. The destructive qualities are the flip sides of the archetypes and include the following:

  1. Aggression as opposed to strength

  2. Being emotionally overwhelmed as opposed to softness

  3. Manipulativeness as opposed to playfulness

If you are a person who possesses strength as your primary archetype, you may find that you become overly aggressive when you undergo stress. These shadow qualities may have a negative impact on your life and on how others view you.

Understanding Your Gifts

Your personal archetypes can benefit you. To enjoy the benefits that they can provide, you will also need to learn how to live with the consequences of the shadow qualities that accompany them. Learning to manage the destructive qualities can help you to derive a sense of balance and mindfulness. Achieving a state of mindfulness through NLP can help you to manage your destructive qualities while allowing you to understand the gifts that you have and to allow them to shine.

One way to do this is to become curious about the way in which you respond to situations. When you become curious about your responses, you can manage your emotions instead of letting them dominate you. The destructive qualities that you possess can provide important information to you. They can let you know that you have some areas that you need to develop and can motivate you to create novel strategies for self-management and self-reflection. Your shadow qualities tell you about your unmet needs. You should learn to accept yourself and your shadows instead of repressing them so that you can achieve greater balance.

Applying the appropriate archetype to the situation

When you encounter a challenging situation, it is important for you to use the appropriate archetype for it. Even if you find it to be challenging to act from an archetype that is hard for you, it is better to use the appropriate one instead of falling back on the destructive qualities that you possess. When something triggers a strong reaction of stress in you, it can be harder for you to contain your destructive qualities. When this happens, try to detach yourself from the situation so that you do not do or say something that you might regret later.

How to learn about ourselves

People tend to identify with the destructive qualities or shadows of others on both a conscious and unconscious level. Often, people will hate others who have qualities that they also have. Shadows can work in two different ways. If you are ashamed of a destructive quality that you possess, you may find others who possess the same qualities to be difficult and irritating. The other way in which shadows can work is that they can draw you to people who share destructive qualities with you. You can learn about yourself through others. If you feel repelled by a person, think about what it is that repulses you. Consider whether you might share a destructive quality with that person that you need to address in yourself. If you are drawn to someone who engages in destructive reactions or behaviors, conducting a self-examination may help you to live a healthier, more balanced life.

Contact Premier NLP Life Coaching

By identifying your primary archetypes and the destructive qualities that you possess, you can manage your emotions in a more effective way. Premier Life Coaching can help you to understand your emotional reactions so that you can achieve emotional balance in your life. Call us today to schedule your appointment.


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