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Beating the Winter Blues

During the winter months, the weather presents some unique challenges to your body. In winter, it is common to deal with additional fatigue because of reduced exposure to sunlight. People may also gain weight because of winter eating habits, and your metabolism might slow since you will have fewer outdoor activities in which to participate. You might also have to contend with the flu, colds, and other viruses during the winter months.

If you are interested in personal development and neuro-linguistic programming, it is likely that you are more in tune with your body and your mind. You might have strategies in place to make certain that you can enjoy winter without viruses or the weather affecting your mental or physical health. Humans have more choices with their ability to resist external influences. Neuro-linguistic programming at Premier Life Coaching can help you to overcome the external factors that might be bringing you down during the winter.

Understanding the nervous system

Every person has a nervous system that is unique. You also have an immune system that can fight off microorganisms and a lymphatic system that helps to flush out toxins from your body. These natural systems continuously work to take care of you. Your natural ability to heal is contained within your unconscious mind. NLP can help to engage your unconscious mind and the processes that are connected to your lymphatic and immune systems to help you to stay healthy or to heal faster.

Long ago, people used the winter months to rest and renew themselves. Ancient cultures didn’t have electricity or heating systems. They relied on their labor during the warmer months to sow and harvest crops and hunt so that they had enough food to sustain themselves during the winter. Today, we don’t face these pressures. However, we are still able to use the winter to optimize our health and to recharge our minds. Here are some tips for increasing your winter health.

1. Remain positive

Some people dislike bad weather and dark evening times during the winter. If you complain about these types of things, it can only worsen your mood. Choose to be happy and recognize that there are people who have a lot more to worry about than the weather or early darkness.

2. Stay active

Your body has a positive reaction to exercise. When you remain active, your brain will reduce endorphins that help you to remain positive.

3. Venture outdoors

Getting fresh air is important. Take walks outside every day while you can. This can invigorate you and get you away from the stale air indoors.

4. Eat better

During the winter, your body tends to crave unhealthy food. This is a biological drive to eat food to help to store fat. Avoid these cravings and choose healthy foods.

5. Get enough vitamin D

During the winter when you have less exposure to the sun, you may not get enough vitamin D. You can choose to eat foods such as vitamin D-fortified milk, herring, mackerel, sardines, and salmon. You can also take a vitamin D supplement during the winter.

6. Listen to your body

Take time to listen to your body by using a biofeedback system to communicate with your unconscious mind. This can help you to heal more quickly if you catch a viral infection such as the flu or a cold.

7. Get enough rest

Winter is a great time for you to establish healthy sleep habits. People do not get enough sleep. Go to bed at a good time every night so that you wake up refreshed in the morning.

8. Feed your mind

You can spend the evenings to learn new things. If you take the time to learn new things during the evening, you will feel a sense of achievement.

9. Tackle something on your bucket list

If you decide to check something off of your bucket list during the winter, it can help to boost your sense of well-being.

Enjoy relaxing

Meditation is a great way to help you to relax. If you spend some periods of time to connect with your self, it can have a positive impact on how you feel.

During the winter, staying inside and doing nothing except watching television can cause you to feel stagnated, causing the winter blues. You can choose to instead have a happy winter.

Contact Premier NLP Life Coaching

It is possible to overcome seasonal depression so you can enjoy a truly happy winter with improvements in your mental and physical wellbeing during the colder months. At Premier NLP Life Coaching, we can help you to get in touch with your unconscious mind so that you can find your personal happiness. Fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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