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What Is Health And Wellbeing?

Many people are unaware of the state of their emotional health. When people are aware of their emotional health, they might default to trying to be resilient. While resiliency can help people, it may not work in the long-term because people’s bodies and minds are not as able to tolerate stress as people grow older. At Premier Life Coaching, we can help people to become aware of their emotional states and to take proactive measures to achieve greater health outcomes without stress.

Understanding the changing needs of emotional health

People tend to do things the same way over and over. Eventually, however, they might need to adjust their approaches. In order to attain positive emotional wellbeing, you must constantly adapt to gain the best outcomes. There are a few approaches that you can take to increase your awareness and to develop long-term strategies that can help you to grow both personally and professionally.

Complete a personal wellbeing audit

A good starting place for developing your awareness is to complete a personal wellbeing audit. Once you have done this, you can move to identify the negative triggers that create some of your stress. Before you will be able to effectively use strategies to increase your wellbeing, you must first understand the bigger picture of what constitutes it.

Identify your protective factors

Your protective factors are the foundational components on which you can build a greater sense of wellbeing. These include things such as emotional confidence and positive self-esteem. Once you have these foundations, you can then build the framework from them. For purposes of your wellbeing, your framework might include the following things:

  1. Healthy diet

  2. Regular exercise

  3. Restful sleep

  4. Connectedness

  5. Support systems

Your sense of wellbeing begins with learning to value yourself. You then work to continuously build your sense of self-worth. One way to recognize this is for you to write down your positive qualities and achievements in a personal wellbeing journal. If you take time to recognize your positive aspects every week, you will find that it is transformational and can help you to understand your strengths and the positive impacts that they have. When you make keeping your journal a habit, you can turn it into a positive prophecy for your future outcomes. You can also take some time every night to identify three things that were positive during the day. You can then think about at least two things that you believe will go well the following day.

Breathing techniques

A great way to challenge stress head-on is by using some breathing techniques. There are three techniques that can help you to lessen the stress that you feel. These include belly breathing, box breathing, and the three-six-five breathing techniques. More simple and quick stress-busting strategies revolve around breathing. Here are three breathing techniques:

When you are feeling stressed, cortisol is released by your body. Too much cortisol can make you feel stressed. If you use neuro-linguistic programming, it can help you to combine a positive visualization with your breathing. With practice, NLP can give you a powerful way to reduce the stress that you experience.

Begin by inhaling deeply and holding your breath for a moment. As you begin to exhale, squeeze the index fingers of both of your hands together with your thumbs while imagining that your cortisol levels are decreasing. You can visualize it like the mercury going down in a thermometer.


Mindfulness provides another group of nearly universally accepted strategies. Mindfulness is when you try and clear your mind of all of its thoughts to produce the ability to refocus. When you aim to be present in the moment, you can stop dwelling on things that occurred in the past. Mindfulness can also help you to stop anticipating what might happen in the future so that you can remain in the present.

Taking care of yourself

When you use these and other strategies and combine them with an awareness of your personal wellbeing, you can obtain outcomes that are consistently positive. If you are experiencing a bad day, you can think about the triggers that are causing your emotional reactions. Identifying the triggers can help you to change them so that they are not able to negatively impact your feelings and behaviors.

Learn more with Premier NLP Life Coaching

Learning to become more aware of your personal wellbeing and developing strategies to improve it can help you in both your personal life and in your career. The life coach at Premier Life Coaching can help you to learn some neuro-linguistic programming techniques that you can use to achieve the outcomes that you desire. Contact us today by filling out our online contact form to learn more.


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